YW121-RHM Reactive-Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine


 R-HM Advantages:                                                                               
  1.  Improving Productivity

 Automation of production-line; Producing speed up; Proceed with next step in a short time.

  2. Environmental Pollution

 No solvent; To ensure the health and safe of the operators; Good for environment.

  3. Improving Quality

 Strong adhesion; Good heat-resistant; Good cold-resistant; Good water-resistant.


 R-HM Specification:                          

1~45 YDS/MIN

Number of Glue Groove





Main roller size

Φ1.2M or 1.5M or 2.0M

Laminating Materials

  1. EVA + PVC or Artificial Leather

 2. EVA + Fabric. (ex. for insoles)

 3. Neoprene + Fabric (ex. for diving suit)

 4. PU Foam + Fabric (ex. for vehicle cushion)

 5. TPU Film + Fabric. (ex. for clothing)

 6. Fabric + Fabric. (ex. for clothing)


 Compositions of R-HM machine

1.Material Roll Up Set 1 & 2

2. Gluing Roll Up Set

3. Electric-heating Roll Up Set

4. Cooling Roll Set

In the material roll up sets, using EPC auto across flatting to trace the edges of the materials and extending rollers to prevent curve.

The Reactive-Hot Melt Adhesive (R-HM) is solid. It needs to be melted by using hot air recycle machine, and then pour the liquid R-HM onto gluing system. In addition, the R-HM glue should be kept warm, so the gluing system also includes a transfer oil heating-recycle machine.

Using R-HM glue for laminating, setting the surface temperature on special degrees. Deliver the laminated materials into the space between heating roller and rubber press belt for drying, ironing and laminating. First, the heat of heating roller can improve stickiness by softening hot melt adhesive again. Second, the heat of heating roller can help hot melt adhesive solidification. The purpose of both of them is to improve the high quality of laminating.

Equipping with cooling roller set after dry by heating roller, it not only can improve the capability of absorbing the moisture of air,

but also the reaction stickiness of laminated materials.


5. Material Collection-Up Set

6. Electric-heat jointing machine

7. Transfer oil heating-recycle machine

8. R-HM preheat hot air recycle machine

In the material collection-up sets, using EPC auto across flatting to trace the edges of the laminated materials and rubber expending roller to prevent curve.

Equipping with two electric-heat jointing machines, easy to laminating the end of front cloth with the beginning of back, reduces the rate of stop machine, upgrades the quality for competition.

Equipping wit exclusive transfer oil heating-recycle machine, easy to raise and reduce the temperature; oil recycle quickly, keep the adhesive in constant temperature, ensure the quality of attachment.

Equipping with preheat hot air recycle machine, using Timer to set the time of turn on and turn off. It’s cheaper and more convenience.



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